I haven’t died yet.

Recently(Aug 6th ,more exactly) I posted an article saying “I’m dying.”But things became better after that.

I decided to join in a show in Chengdu and bought a ticket in the afternoon of Aug 8th , the day before the show.A few hrs after my buying, prices of secdond-hand tickets rose to several times higher.

During the process of seeking for a WeChat group for fans(a sense of belonging may do good to having a better feeling, according to my experience),I found a warm-hearted fan whose birthday is the same with mine.It was sad that she failed to get to the place of the show because the man who sold her ticket regretted and withdrew the order.

When queueing I met another two fans and chatted happily.

And ,the most importantly, the show itself made me excited.I saw citizen of Nanjing ,Mr Li.His pitiful secret show changed my mood.So ,I kept in a good mood days after.







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